The Mother’s day cards are on a shelf, the flowers are starting to wilt and now it is time to consider a gift to yourself that will last a lifetime.

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The stress of having a child affected by autism and or ADD is indescribable. While trying to meet the special needs of their children, parents often experience enormous emotional, marital and financial pressures. Learning the science behind the treatment strategies for the medical conditions that can be at the route of the child’s behavioral problems, and applying those interventions are both exhausting and expensive!

Physicians who embark on the path to partner with parents are a courageous lot as they too must learn new science and strategies for identifying underlying metabolic conditions and treat these complex disorders. As a result, many of these primary care providers find themselves in “burnout” mode that can lead to questioning their personal and professional commitment to this work.

Your Healing Retreat offers the education parents and clinicians have been seeking and delivers it in a beautiful relaxed setting with a deliberate focus on the needs of the caregivers.

Your Healing Retreat participants will gain access to cutting-edge, safe and effective integrative approaches for healing children affected by autism and ADD but they will also learn and apply strategies for recharging their own batteries.

While other conferences offer many wonderful lectures and workshops, they are typically held in hotels with re-circulated air, processed food and a frenzied agenda. The setting for Your Healing Retreat is extraordinarily serene. In addition to top physicians in the field of biomedical treatments imparting their knowledge and expertise, attendees will enjoy an array of workshops, on whole foods, stress management, dance, yoga, meditation and learn ways to create a healthier home or office. They can also enjoy a massage, try low pressure hyperbarics,, have fun at a dance and lakeside wine reception and enjoy the healing powers of natures.

Ultimately, parents and clinicians who attend Your Healing Retreat will not only gain access to the latest science and practical approaches for improving the health and behavior of their children, they will leave feeling refreshed, and equipped with the tools to make their own lives healthier and more balanced.

Top 3 Reasons to Register Today for Your Healing Retreat

  1. Four of the best and most experienced medical doctors from the biomedical treatment community (Stephanie Cave, MD, Liz Mumper, MD, Nancy O’Hara, MD and Julie Buckley, MD) have collaborated to continue the much needed service of training physicians, nurse practitioners, Physician’s Assistants and other primary care providers on the biomedical approach to treating autism.
  2. The stress level that parents of kids with autism experience is enormous. To address this issue (that is taking a hefty toll on our community), we have created a new model of education and rejuvenation. In addition to lectures, there will be workshops on stress management, whole food cooking and yoga. Healthy organic meals will be served. Massage will be provided, HBOT will be available and there will be a lakeside wine reception. Parents and clinicians should take this opportunity to care for themselves so that they can continue to care for the children.
  3. We desperately need “well-trained” clinicians to partner with parents to address the medical conditions that are associated with autism and ADD, In honor of all parents and clinicians doing this work, the $50.00 discount will remain in affect for the month of May.   Parents will received another $50.00 off for simply getting a physician or other primary care provider to register.

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