Denial is a strong emotion… I should know, I use it frequently! When it comes to accepting the fact that de-stressing our lives is critical to our own health, we have all kinds of excuses why we just don’t have the time to exercise, do yoga or practice stress-management techniques. Same is true for a lot of us when it comes to eating healthy. We know we will feel better, look better and have more energy etc, but again we (especially parents of special needs children) are caught up in a vicious cycle of continually taking care of everyone else and putting our own health and nutrition needs on the back burner.

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But this habit is beginning to back fire. The level of exhaustion and ill-health that are impacting parents of children with autism and ADD can no longer be denied.

What many of us forget, is the fact that one of greatest gifts we can give our loved ones comes from attending to our own health and well-being.

Your Healing Retreat was designed to not only provide parents with information from four top medical doctors, who are experts in the autism treatment field on ways to improve the health and behavior of children with autism and ADD, but it will also provide parents with strategies for improving their own health by offering an array of methods for recharging their own batteries.

Here’s one mom’s view of Your Healing Retreat to be held the first weekend in June (3rd to the 5th) in a serene, lakeside retreat center and includes lodging in a 100 year old cottage with a fireplace, organic food, yoga, massage, whole food cooking classes, a lakeside wine reception, workshops on creating healthy relationships and much more.

From Janette, Mother of son Micah 7yrs old
“Wow the conference/retreat is exactly what I have been looking/dreaming about attending. It is nice to see its a reality! …I am looking forward to such a wonderful event. Thanks to all who made this a reality”

Top Reason Parents Need to Stop Denying Their Own Needs and Register Today for Your Healing Retreat:

The stress level that parents of kids with autism experience is enormous. To address this issue (that is taking a hefty toll on our community), we have created a new model of education and rejuvenation. In addition to lectures, there will be workshops on stress management, whole food cooking and yoga. The retreat will offer healthy organic meals, massage will be provided, HBOT will be available and there will be a lakeside wine reception. Parents and clinicians should take this opportunity to care for themselves so that they can continue to care for the children.

Top Reasons for Parents to Enlist Clinicians to Attend and Register Today

  1. Four of the best and most experienced medical doctors from the biomedical treatment community (Stephanie Cave, MD, Liz Mumper, MD, Nancy O’Hara, MD and Julie Buckley, MD) have collaborated to continue the much needed service of training physicians, nurse practitioners, Physician’s Assistants and other primary care providers on the biomedical approach to treating autism.
  2. We desperately need “well-trained” clinicians to partner with parents to address the medical conditions that are associated with autism and ADD, Parents will receive a $50.00 rebate for simply getting a physician, nurse practitioners, PA or other primary care provider to register.

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